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How I became a "Risk-Taker"


I am Fernanda Marcondes Landazuri, better known as Lucas’ and Julia’s’ mom. Isn’t it funny how there comes a time in life when you become a mom and your last name has no importance anymore? What really matters are your kids’ names. :)


I was invited to write a post about being a risk-taker and it was a great pleasure for me because I was able to journey back into my past and understand when I became a risk-taker and how this has influenced my own family today.


I guess it all started when I was 15 years old and I had a dream to be an exchange student in the U.S. After many years watching a series named Wonder Years (Anos Incríveis) on Cultura television. I dreamed about going to a school “just like that” with lockers, long hallways, prom and good friends like Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper.


One year later I was living in South Carolina by myself facing all the wonders and difficulties of being alone and trying to make the most of the six months I would live there. For a girl who was born in a city in the south of Minas Gerais this was a huge challenge, but I made it and my life was changed forever!


Following this experience, my eyes, my brain, and my heart understood that I could do anything and that any worthwhile opportunity will always come with a bit of fear. But fear mixed with the love of family gives us the strength to move forward with confidence.


I turned 38 years old this month and after 12 years of marriage and two awesome kids later, Porto Alegre is the 4th city that I have lived in. The teenage girl that embraced the opportunity of going to the U.S. at 15 years old, is the same woman that became an expatriate (expat) for a multinational company in Ecuador at 23 years old. Open to every opportunity, that same woman allowed what was work to become love and started a family in Ecuador with Juan Carlos - another risk-taker.


I can definitely say that Lucas and Júlia are also risk-takers. Every move our family has made, from Ecuador to Colombia and Brazil, at each new school, they have faced the unknown with confidence and courage, seeing each move as an opportunity to grow, learn and meet new friends.


Lucas told me last week that “he loves his age and his friends”. One day we will have to say goodbye to Porto Alegre and our beloved PAS POA and it won’t be easy for any of us. However, the best part of being an expat family is that we live each experience with intensity; enjoying our friends, making every moment a special memory that will last forever.