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Balanced - "You can't fill from an empty cup"

There are lots of ways to describe it, but we all know that we can’t care for others unless we are caring for ourselves. I’ve heard this couched in the quote above, and I’ve also heard it referred to as the ‘oxygen mask principle’: when on a plane if the cabin pressure drops, you are to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. It’s the same with nurturing relationships and community: you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

This month, then, as we think about how we are cultivating a caring community here at PASPOA, I invite you to investigate caring at another level: how are you intentionally caring for yourself?

Aqui estão algumas práticas de autocuidado que adotei – quais são as suas?

Morning Movement. This is something I have been doing for so long, my day becomes worse if I skip it! Whether it’s a run or a walk or yoga on the balcony, being among the sounds of birds in the early morning hours is something that feeds my soul. And, I’m not tempted to skip a workout later because it’s already done!

Breathing. Some of you have been in meetings with me where I set the timer for 2 minutes to take a break from ourselves. Our days can be so intense we often forget to pause and take notice of how we are feeling. After the morning movement, I spend 5-7 minutes with an app on my phone called The Insight Timer. Sometimes, these are guided meditations, other times, just ambient sounds. Whatever I select, though, always has a positive impact on my day.

Gratitude. There are lots of ways to incorporate gratitude practices. I use the Panda Planner which asks me to identify 3 things I’m grateful for each morning - a beautiful way to start the day! Resilience expert Elena Aguilar suggests setting an alarm on your phone, and no matter where you are when the alarm goes off, stop and acknowledge something that you are grateful for. The best thing about gratitude is that once you begin acknowledging it, it’s hard NOT to be aware of all the good things!

JOMO. ‘The Joy of Missing Out,’ as opposed to ‘FOMO,’ or the ‘Fear of Missing Out.’ For extroverts, being around other people is highly energizing. For an introvert like me, the only way to recharge is to create intentional time and space for non-social moments. By saying ‘no,’ I am actually saying ‘yes’ to self-care.

Whatever you do, make sure it is about YOU. In order to take care of all those around you each day, we need you to be your very best self. You deserve all the time you can spare to taking care of YOU.


Kristen Moreland

Instructional Coach