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Students can enroll starting from 3 years of age.


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Parents Action Council

Here, family participation matters

We know that parent participation in the educational experience encourages students to give their best academically. At Pan American parents have the wonderful opportunity to be integrated members of our school community. The Parent Action Council (PAC) aims to foster a sense of community through volunteerism and collaboration. As members of PAC parents participate in the life of the school. From serving on a committee to volunteering at a school event, acting as a classroom representative or helping a new family transition, there is something for everyone to do!

Our Goals

Connect the community through social events.

Better the school environment, organizing activities that generate resources to support PAC’s initiatives.

Foster respect, integrity, collaboration, determination, and leadership.

Promote open communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Support an environment of positive learning so that the students can reach success.

Develop school ambassadors who understand and support the school’s programs and initiatives.

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